Professional Photographers in Newport News, VA


Professional Photography Studio in Newport News


Photo Reflections was founded in 1979 by John Warters and his, then, partner T.T. Penrose, III.  The original studio was located in an intimate 400 sq. ft. building off Main Street in Newport News, VA

In 1981, the company moved to a new 1,400 sq. ft. location across from Todd’s Stadium and hired their first part-time employee.

Having grown out of their space with 10 full-time employees, Photo Reflections moved again in 1986 to a 4,000  sq. ft. studio space in Oyster Point Development Park.

In 1990, the partners parted ways to pursue different goals.  Mr. Warters became sole owner of Photo Reflections.

With the increased use of digital photography in the 1990s, there was a great decline in need for darkrooms, storage space for film, and/or employees to aid in the retouching process. In turn, this created a lot of unused space for a 4,000  sq. foot studio.

In 1998, Mr. Warters decided Photo Reflections needed to move. The decision was confirmed when John and his wife found a perfect spot for the studio in Historic Hilton Village. Now in a completely renovated New York style photography studio and one full time employee, Photo Reflections and John stay busy meeting not only the needs of his commercial and advertising clientele but has increased his availability to serve his bridal, senior, and family portraiture clients as well.

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