Meagan’s last day

Hey guys, its Meagan! I’m posting my last ever blog post for Photo Reflections….This is my last week here & it is very bitter sweet. My husband has finished his enlistment with the Air Force & we both feel its time for us to be back home with family. So he & I will be moving back home to Florida to start the next chapter in our amazing journey! As excited as we are to be with family again, we are very sad to leave behind our amazing friends & adopted family (like at Photo Reflections!) But I can’t leave without saying thank you to all of our amazing clients! You guys are awesome & have made my job super easy! But I assure you I’m leaving you all in great hands, we’ve hired a new assistant/image artist for Photo Reflections! Her name is Kristen & I’ll be forcing her to write a blog post soon to introduce herself! You’re going to love her!

And I cannot leave without bragging (in blog form) about how amazing John & his entire family have been! He is an amazing photographer (but you’ve seen the website, you already know this!) and he’s taught me so much more than I ever expected to learn about photography & business which I’ll be able to take with me into my own future photography career! And I promise he didn’t pay me extra to say any of this 😉

Since I’m not that great of a writer, I think its time to reminisce with some photos!

photocrati gallery


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